Skeletal remains discovered in car found off Cork pier 3 months ago

Skeletal remains discovered in car found off Cork pier

It is hoped an examination of the remains and DNA analysis will help confirm the identity of the deceased.

Gardaí have discovered skeletal remains in a car that was found off a pier in Cork on 26 May.


The submerged car was discovered by divers near Hugh Coveney Pier in Crosshaven and Gardaí were notified.

The scene was then preserved as the Garda Water Unit conducted a search operation and was able to extract the car from the water the following day.

In a statement, a Garda spokesperson revealed the car is currently being technically examined and has been confirmed as a red Toyota, 98-C-18625.

During the technical examination, Gardaí discovered skeletal remains, which have now been transferred to Cork City Morgue, where an examination will be carried out. The local coroner has also been notified.

Gardaí said: "The results of the examination, and DNA analysis by Forensic Science Ireland, will hopefully assist in confirming the identity of the remains."