A Sky News Investigation has revealed the dark side of Facebook 4 years ago

A Sky News Investigation has revealed the dark side of Facebook

Some websites aren't even being removed.

A Sky News Investigation by Tom Chesire, their Technology Correspondent has found that highly addictive prescription drugs are being illegally sold on Facebook.


Drugs such as Valium, Xanax and a relatively new drug called Pregabalin, whose popularity is growing rapidly in the UK but has been linked to several deaths, have all been found available for purchase on the social media site.

Sky News found that Facebook was even refusing to remove accounts even after some users had reported the sites to the company.

The drugs being sold on the website are extremely power and a medical expert told Sky News that people have committed suicide as the ultimate resort to get off them for good.

Sky News initially reported the accounts to Facebook using their online tools but each account they reported was allowed to remain on the site.

Then, they went straight to their press office and asked why such a small action was taken even though it was breaking British Law.

Immediately, all the reported profiles were taken down but yet the investigation team were still able to find more profiles selling drugs.

More traditional recreational drugs such as Ketamine, Cannabis and MDMA were also for sale.