Forecaster predicts snow for Friday, Met Éireann pretty much rules it out 2 years ago

Forecaster predicts snow for Friday, Met Éireann pretty much rules it out

A snowball's chance in hell.

Some rumours have been flying around about the possibility of snow this week, but Met Éireann have been pretty quick to put the kibosh on all the snow-talk.


An update from Midland Weather Channel forecaster Cathal Nolan on Monday morning suggested that Ireland could feel its first snowfall of the winter months as early as this coming Friday.

"As the very warm and moist air comes into contact with the bitterly cold Arctic air its expected to generate some intense precipitation leading to a flooding risk in the southeast of the country at present, whereas along the northern and northwestern edge of the rainfall its expected to turn increasingly to snow," said Nolan.

"The areas currently in the highest risk zone are all Midland counties, much of Connacht, south and east Ulster and elevated areas of Munster.

"All upland areas are at risk of seeing some considerable accumulations of snow and some temporary travel disruption along elevated routes."


However, a spokesperson for Met Éireann told JOE that they weren't expecting any more than "10 minutes of snow on the north-most hills of Northern Ireland."

While there is a possibility of snow falling, the chance of us actually getting to see any of it is "nil."

Met Éireann pointed out that heavy rain is expected on Friday, with some parts of the country at risk of flooding.

Snow has also been forecasted for Scotland on Thursday, though this is expected to stick at only high altitude areas.