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11500000, how many zeros is that?

In the hand of some lucky (wo)man right now there is a ticket to a new life of fortune, fame and many a favour. €11.5 million Euro has just been won by a single winner in the Lotto.

Do you know them? Do we know them? Do they know themselves?

The winning numbers are 2, 6, 21, 23, 29, 44 and the bonus number is 41. The ticket was sold in Dublin and right about now that is all we know.


Many a day has been lost to the dream of Lotto victory but for one Irish winner tonight that beautiful dream will become a beautiful life.



Maybe they will be able to buy a cheese factory with all their millions and come up with some more similarly wonderful lines. That is doubtful though because lines don't grow on trees and neither does money, but money is made from paper and paper is made from tr...dammit!



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