Eight people die at Squid Game Halloween party shooting 9 months ago

Eight people die at Squid Game Halloween party shooting

The incident took place in Panama on Halloween weekend.

Eight people are said to have died at a Squid Game-themed Halloween party shooting in Panama.


As reported by TN News, the Halloween event was hosted at a bowling alley in the Santa Ana neighbourhood, with the incident taking place around the early hours of the morning on Friday, 29 October.

As people listened to one of the organisers speaking to the crowd from a stage, shots were suddenly heard with constant gunfire being carried out between what were believed to be two rival gangs.

It is thought that one man began shooting at individuals he believed to be part of the local 'Los Galaácticos' gang.

The shooter himself died at the scene, along with four others who ultimately passed away from their injuries in hospital.


As well as seven people being wounded, the bodies of three victims were later found in a nearby rubbish dump.

So far, in addition to the now-deceased shooter, two people have been arrested - one of which is said to be the brother of one of the victims.

Prosecutor Rafael Baloyes has said that he was found with a firearm which he is thought to have used while attempting to defend his brother.

Baloyes explained that the gang rivalry is long-running and that retaliation is said to have been carried out later that same night.


This isn't the only incident of an attack across Halloween weekend.

Multiple shootings occurred across America in places like Texas and Illinois, whilst a man stabbed several people and set fire to a train in Tokyo, Japan while dressed as The Joker.