Stay calm! Disneyland Paris are looking for Irish workers 5 years ago

Stay calm! Disneyland Paris are looking for Irish workers

There are dream jobs and then there are dream jobs...

Disneyland Paris are hiring and while the roles in sales, hospitality and food & beverage, sound rather ordinary, it isn't hard to imagine all the magic and wonderfulness they might entail.


Endless golden confetti falling from the sky, rollercoasters on your lunch break, unlimited candy floss, Woody, Goofy and all the flamboyant royalty breaking into highly coordinated spontaneous dance routines...

Realistically anything could happen when Disneyland is your office.


The legends of Disneyland Paris are plenty and only those working inside the network will ever know what secrets hidden in the underground city, how many 'hidden mickeys' there are across the park and how truly wild the dance parties are after the kids go home.

If your French is rustier than your childhood BMX, now is the time to download duolingo, switch your phone to Franco and get to the bottom of the eternal 'croissant' or 'cwoissant' debate.

8 weeks and counting, you can find out more here... Bonne Chance!