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18th Sep 2019

Stoneybatter in Dublin is Ireland’s coolest neighbourhood, according to a new list

Dave Hanratty

Stoneybatter Dublin Ireland coolest neighbourhood


Stoneybatter in Dublin 7 is the hippest city-based locale in all of Ireland, if you put faith in lists that put these sort of things together, at least.

Freshly published by global magazine Time Out, the 50 Coolest Neighbourhoods in the World compendium boasts just the one Irish entry, and, yes, as noted above, it’s Stoneybatter.

Over 27,000 city-dwellers were surveyed, asked for the best, most undervalued and overrated neighbourhoods in their specific hometown.

That data was then passed to Time Out writers and editors, who zeroed in on the specifics and determined whether or not these places were up to scratch when it came to the likes of atmosphere, food and drink, culture and whether or not they’re on the rise.

So, despite Dublin losing more and more beloved cultural spaces, this is a win? Maybe?

Coming in at #40 on the list, Stoneybatter is described as having “stood the test of time” as well as being “one of the most central places where young people can still afford to live (just)”, with those brackets doing rather a lot of work there, you might argue.

Time Out also hails “red-brick terraced houses and the regular clop of a horse and cart still heard on the road” in addition to new additions in the form of vegan cafés and “hot new bars” dotted about the area.

As an added bonus, it’s not too packed with tourists, though that could change in the wake of this list, perhaps.

You can read and debate the full, extensive rundown here, which includes spots in Lisbon, Tokyo, Lagos, Berlin and Los Angeles at the summit.

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