Met Éireann warn of "high intensity rainfall" as Tropical Storm Helene continues towards Ireland 2 years ago

Met Éireann warn of "high intensity rainfall" as Tropical Storm Helene continues towards Ireland

Waterford and counties in Leinster are expected to get the worst of the wind.

Tropical Storm Helene is still making her way towards Europe, with the latest indicators predicting it to shift nortwards, directly towards Ireland and the UK.

Earlier in the weekend, Met Éireann issue statement on path and strength of the storm:

"Helene maintains Tropical Storm status in the latest advisory from the National Hurricane Center as the system approaches the western Azores in the central-eastern Atlantic. Transition to ex-tropical Storm Helene or "Storm Helene" is expected by Sunday evening. The Storm is expected to turn northeastwards with an increase in forward speed as it heads towards Ireland and the UK."

That prediction has since been updated as of Sunday morning:

As per the website:

"On Monday night the remnants of tropical storm Helene will pass over the country. This is expected to bring high-intensity rainfall over a short timeframe.

"The storm is expected to move quickly through the region clearing the rain overnight. Winds associated with the storm are currently expected to be strongest at sea and along the south and southeast coasts, with winds overland expected to be moderate to fresh, easterly in direction at first, then becoming cyclonic variable as the eye of the storm passes over.

"The exact track of the storm will determine where the strongest winds will fall and there will be regular updates as this unfolds, currently there is a strong signal that the strong winds will affect Waterford and the counties of south Leinster. Temperatures overnight will be 12 or 13 degrees at the lowest."

There will be continued updates as the storm continues to head towards land.