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15th Feb 2023

‘I feel ill’ – There has been a strong reaction to the vision for old Bernard Shaw site


By Katy Thornton

“This makes me feel old.”

The Bernard Shaw on Richmond Street closed for good towards the end of 2019, and safe to say Dubliners everywhere were devastated.

I remember it all too well, and I cherish the last evening I spent there, knowing it would be the last time (if you think this is dramatic, you obviously never went).

It’s been over three years now since the Bernard Shaw closed its doors for good, and we’ve now seen the vision in place for what will replace the institution. And Twitter, as always, has some thoughts.

Twitter user Donal Fallon (@fallon_donal) took to the social media app with an image of the vision for the old Bernard Shaw site, and the replies came flooding in.

When asked if the image was real, Fallon said it was the current vision, but that “they normally turn out a little duller”.

Another responded saying: “A great place and a big loss to Dublin to be replaced by another soulless hotel no doubt owned by some nameless company whose owners will probably never set foot in Dublin.”

Twitter user Dave Matthews (@davepmatthews) commented on the pub that was there even before the Bernard Shaw. RIP Brambicks.

There were a variety of emotions on the table at what’s to become of our beloved Bernard Shaw; some were “sad”, some were “angry”, and a few were even saying it made them “feel ill”. Some called it a “rotten design” while others said the sight of it had them crying (same).

Controversially, a few Twitter users actually liked the vision; although one said they would “pause for abuse”, showing they knew it was an unpopular opinion.

No matter what takes its place, we’ll always remember the Bernard Shaw as it was; absolutely perfect.

Header images via Twitter/fallon_donal & /davidjazay 

This article originally appeared on LovinDublin

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