PUP caused people to "get a bit lazy" says Supermac's boss 2 years ago

PUP caused people to "get a bit lazy" says Supermac's boss

The company has had to look overseas for new staff.

Supermac's boss Pat McDonagh has said that the Pandemic Unemployment Payment (PUP) "caused people to get a bit lazy" as the company looks overseas for new workers.


The chain is now specifically recruiting staff from abroad as a result of a shortage of Irish applicants.

McDonagh was commenting as Supermac's opens a new motorway plaza outside in Tuam in Galway.

According to RTÉ News, McDonagh cited the PUP as a key reason for the lack of available workers in Ireland.

"I think the PUP caused people to get a bit lazy," he said.


"There are multiple reasons why Irish people are not interested in working in Supermac's and unfortunately, there is a scarcity of workers for every line of work right now, with some businesses only able to open two days a week because of a shortage of staff."

McDonagh posited that many Irish workers have "moved on" from the catering business, possibly due to a lack of security and difficult hours.

"We would have 70% Irish staff on the team for the Tuam site but if we didn’t have the 30% non Irish national staff we would not be able to open it without them," he added.

According to McDonagh – who has employed an individual specifically to recruit staff from overseas – the current Supermac's workforce is 80% Irish and 20% foreign workers.


Featured Image via Laura Hutton / RollingNews.ie