Surge in CAO points for "boom-time" courses like engineering and construction 9 months ago

Surge in CAO points for "boom-time" courses like engineering and construction

CAO offers are out...

Over 50,000 college hopefuls are set to receive their CAO results on Monday morning and many students look to have applied for more job-friendly courses.

Figures reveal that 52% of those who applied for an honours degree programme have been offered their first preference, while 80% were offered their first, second or third choice.

Points have fallen for arts and creative courses but there's been a surge in demand for degrees in areas which are seen to have easier job prospects.

So-called "boom time" courses like engineering and other construction-related courses have seen an increased demand and therefore, points have risen for many of these courses.

Experts have pointed out in recent weeks about a shortage of skills in these areas and this seems to have influenced decisions.

There was a 20-point increase in engineering at NUIG, UCD and Trinity College.

The well-publicised teacher shortage also caused a big increase in applications for teacher training, despite the controversial pay scale in place for new teachers.

It's still proving to be a popular choice for college hopefuls but points for primary teaching have risen in double figures while points for secondary teaching are also up across the board.

Meanwhile nursing has seen a general rise of about 10 points across the board. It's another area where a shortage in staff is reported by industry experts.