Taoiseach among over 50 Irish citizens that have been banned from Russia 6 months ago

Taoiseach among over 50 Irish citizens that have been banned from Russia

A number of Irish ministers are also no longer allowed to enter Russia.

Taoiseach Micheál Martin has been banned from entering Russia, along with 51 other Irish citizens.


Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed the news on Wednesday (16 November), with the move taken in response to Western sanctions placed on the country following its invasion of Ukraine.

Along with Martin, Tánaiste Leo Varadkar and Irish ministers Simon Coveney, Paschal Donohoe and Helen McEntee are also no longer permitted to enter Russia.


The country's foreign affairs ministry published a statement explaining its decision, which reads:

"In response to the anti-Russian course of the Irish government, which unconditionally supports the unilateral restrictive measures introduced by the European Union against Russian citizens aimed at attempts to isolate our country internationally, a decision was made to include 52 key representatives of the leadership and politicians of Ireland in the Russian 'stop list'

"The list of Irish citizens who are no longer allowed to enter the Russian Federation includes, in particular, Prime Minister M. Martin, his deputy L. Varadkar, Chairman of the Dáil (lower house of parliament) S. Ó Fearghaíl, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Defence S. Coveney, Minister of Justice H. McEntee, Minister of Finance P. Donohoe, as well as a number of senators and deputies of the lower house of parliament."

The ministry also accused Ireland of conducting an "aggressive anti-Russian propaganda campaign" under the "dictation of Brussels".

"A course has been taken to curtail bilateral cooperation to the detriment of its own interests," it added.

"One of the consequences of fueling Russophobic hysteria in Irish society was the attack on the Russian Embassy in Dublin in March of this year.

"With regard to our other measures, we will be guided by the position of Dublin."


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