TDs basic salary to rise to over €100,000 from today 2 months ago

TDs basic salary to rise to over €100,000 from today

TDs currently making between €70,000-150,000 a year will have their wages restored to 2008 levels.

TDs will have their basic salary risen to over €150,000 from today as civil servants currently making between €70,000-150,000 a year will see their pay restored to 2008 levels.


Members of Cabinet signed off on the measures on Thursday to restore the wages of civil servants including TDs which have been on reduced salaries since 2008.

It is understood that on average the civil servants eligible for the pay increase will see their salary rise by between 1.5% and 2% as part of the new restoration process, the Irish Times reported on Thursday.

This means TDs basic salary will now jump from €98,113 to €100,191. Meanwhile, the basic pay for Senators will rise to €70,134 a year.

The salaries were initially slashed back in 2008 during the financial crisis under the Financial Emergency Measures in the Public Interest Act.

The pay rise will also apply to staff earning between €70,000 and €150,000 in other State sectors such as the health service, education, Defence Forces and other state industries.

The increase comes less than a year after the pay of Senators and TDs rose by 2% during the last public sector agreement back in October.