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31st Mar 2023

Teachers offered over €10,000 to grade Leaving Cert papers

Rory Fleming

Teachers Leaving Cert

Examiners are set to receive an additional bonus payment in the SEC’s latest recruitment drive.

The State Examinations Committee (SEC) has announced increased payment rates for both junior and leaving certificate examiners, as it seeks to boost recruitment numbers ahead of the busy exam period this June.

These improved rates include a “once-off” bonus payment for examiners, with junior cycle correctors set to receive an additional sum of €700, whilst senior cycle examiners will earn an extra €900.

Teachers who examine this summer’s state examinations will receive an additional bonus payment. (Credit: Rolling News)

In total, the SEC estimates that once the improved rates examiners can earn are factored in, junior cycle markers will typically earn between €4,858 and €5,010 depending on the subject marked.

Meanwhile, it is estimated that those teachers who are grading senior cycle papers can earn between €7,721 and €10,844 depending on the subject marked.

Such levels of payment are only available to those teachers who work the entire 26 day examination period, according to the SEC, with the promoted figures being before tax is deducted.

On average, teachers correct anywhere from 200-350 papers, depending on the subject and exam. Travel and subsistence payments, where applicable, are also paid at Civil Service rates.

Senior cycle examiners will be paid at a higher rate than their junior cycle counterparts. (Credit: Rolling News)

The State Examinations Committee has also announced that higher rates of payment will also be available for those who undertake additional scripts marked above the subject specific threshold.

Shortages of examiners have been an issue of concern for the SEC for a number of years. However, due to the pandemic, the shortages became even more acute in 2022.

These latest steps implemented by the SEC are done so with mitigating these previous staff shortages in mind.

Severe delays were experienced by both junior and senior cycle last summer, with results delayed due to the lack of available examiners .

Students have faced delays in receiving results due to staff shortages. (Credit: Rolling News)

Senior cycle students had their entrance to college delayed a number of weeks later than usual as a result, whilst junior cycle students received their results many months late in November of 2022.

Commenting on the announcement of the payment increases, the SEC stated that teachers are the “lifeblood of the national examinations system” and that it relied on their involvement in the marking of the examinations.

The SEC added that it hopes the improved numbers of examiners will result in a smoother correction process for teachers, in turn creating an experience which is a “positive one which greatly enhances teacher professional competence as well as earning power”.

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