Temperatures to drop to -2 this week with "widespread ground frost" across Ireland 2 years ago

Temperatures to drop to -2 this week with "widespread ground frost" across Ireland

2019 is getting off to a particularly chilly start.

After a fairly tepid December, it looks like we could - strong emphasis on could - be getting a fairly colder January.


According to Met Éireann, Tuesday night will see temperatures drop to as low as -2 in places, and while temperatures will pick back up on Wednesday during the day, that night will see things dip dramatically again.

A widespread ground frost is expected to form inland and may be temperatures will be pretty biting across the midlands and east.

The rest of the week looks set to follow the same formula: bright and fair during the day, but night time brings the chill.

"It'll be mostly calm, though quite cool with temperatures at best in high single figures. However the nights will be quite chilly with frost and fog patches forming. The frosts will be sharp occasionally in the midlands, north and east. Any minimal precipitation will be confined to western coastal margins and hilly places."

It was well into February and March last year when we received the brunt of the bad weather, following a similarly mild December and January.

Not to say that automatically means a Beast From The East 2 is on the way, but more of a reminder that winter isn't over for a while yet...