Temperatures to exceed 20 degrees in parts of Ireland over the next week 4 years ago

Temperatures to exceed 20 degrees in parts of Ireland over the next week

It is to reach up to 22 degrees on Wednesday.

Congratulations to HBO on pulling off their hugely complicated and what must have been hugely expensive viral campaign, ensuring that Winter Is Coming (and remained in place) for as long as Game Of Thrones was on.


Now that Winter Is Gone (for now), it looks like we can finally celebrate the proper arrival of summer.

Met Éireann has set out its prediction stall for the next week or so, but before then, we're told we should expect up to 22 degrees in parts of Ireland today (Wednesday 15 May), so make sure to break out the sunscreen.

Thursday will be slightly cooler (just 19 degrees? BAH!), before the rest of the weekend looks similarly unsettled, with temperatures during the day ranging from 13 to 18 degrees, and dropping to lows of 5 degrees at night.

However, it looks like it will all be turning around from the start of next week onwards:


"Current indications suggest that it will become warmer, with temperatures of 20 degrees or more in places, especially on Tuesday and Wednesday. A good deal of dry weather also, with sunny spells and light winds, but some scattered showers are likely," the forecast reads.

So... yes, it does appear that all the bad weather is only here when most of the people are off work / college / school, but still, it will make your lunch breaks all the more enjoyable next week.