Temperatures in Ireland to hit highs of up to 27 degrees this week 1 month ago

Temperatures in Ireland to hit highs of up to 27 degrees this week

Back to school weather never fails to deliver.

Better get that BBQ out of the shed because it looks like the first days of autumn could be more like the final few days of summer this week.


Met Éireann has said that we can expect a sunny and warm start to the week, although the weather is expected to take a bit of a turn come Thursday.

After a sunny morning in many places, Monday will be warm and bright with temperatures ranging between 20 and 24 degrees. It will be warmest in the south midlands, while there will be some fog along the more southern coastal regions.

In the northern part of the country, however, cooler weather is expected due to cloud cover, which will also bring some patchy drizzle to Ulster and Connacht.

If you were planning one last BBQ or a dip in the sea, Tuesday may be your safest bet. Tomorrow's weather is set to be particularly pleasant, with temperatures rising up to 26 and 27 degrees in some parts of Ireland.

While the day will get off to a misty and foggy start, Met Éireann has said that warm and sunny conditions will follow. Again, it will be warmest in the midlands, while those in Dublin can expect highs between 23 and 25 degrees Celsius.

Wednesday will be mostly dry, though some scattered showers will occur throughout the day, and they'll become more widespread as the evening approaches.

Thursday, however, will see this late summer sunny spell come to an end with the national forecaster predicting heavy showers and some possible thunderstorms.


The rain will continue on Friday and Saturday, though it won't be as heavy as Thursday, with some scattered showers expected while temperatures will stay in the mid to late teens.