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29th Aug 2017

Ten place names in Australia are being changed because their names are racist

Alan Loughnane

The changes have come amid debate in Australia over colonial-era statues…

Ten place names in northeast Australia which contain a racially offensive word are to be renamed.

The names of a handful of mountains and creeks in Queensland State containing racial slurs have been removed from the official state records.

References to Niggers Bounce in northern Queensland were removed from all databases back in May and prompted a further review of other place names in the area.

The Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines released a statement on Tuesday saying that the name of the place was changed in May due to a “community concern.”

It then reviewed it’s database and found nine other locations with “a similarly offensive term,” called Mount Nigger, Nigger Head and seven spots named Nigger Creek. All of these names have been discontinued, however they will still appear on historical maps and plans, while being maintained in the Queensland Place Names Register.

The changes have come amid debate in Australia over colonial-era statues, with community groups in the country calling for greater recognition of Aboriginals in Australian history.

It is in the process of accepting submissions from local councils, community groups and the public for appropriate names of the locations.

Names accepted for consideration will be given to the public for feedback before eventually going to be approved by the state’s minister for natural resources, Dr. Anthony Lynham.

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