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27th Feb 2016

The Healy-Rae phenomenon and this interview about Dublin ‘smart alecs” has fascinated Twitter

Paul Moore

Rae-Nua in Kerry.

One of the more interesting things during a General Election is seeing how the country reacts to the dominant political parties in other counties. For anyone that’s familiar with politics in Kerry then you’ll know that the Healy-Rae’s are nothing short of a phenomenon in the Kingdom but to the majority of people around the country, they might be more familiar with the family for a very different reason.

You may recall Kerry County Council passing a motion in 2013 from Cllr Danny Healy-Rae requesting that rural dwellers be given permission to have two or three drinks and then drive home. Brother Michael later petitioned a Dail request on this issue that was firmly dismissed.

Speaking with RTE, Michael Healy-Rae says it’s “early days” but thinks that he and his brother Danny will pick up two seats in the current General Election and while nothing is confirmed yet, it seems very likely that the family dynasty shows no signs of fading away soon.

Here’s how Twitter reacted to the Healy-Rae phenomenon and their recent interview slating the ‘smart alecs’ in Dublin.

The recent interview with RTE.

Their voting tactics.

On the day.

They have their detractors…

…but they remain incredibly popular in the Kingdom.

An excellent summary.

Main image via – Radio Kerry

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