The cost of travelling on buses and trains in Ireland is going up 8 years ago

The cost of travelling on buses and trains in Ireland is going up

Prices rises are on the way for public transport users...

If you are an old fashioned guy and you like to pay for using public transport with cash, you might have to change your ways because it's going to cost you a lot more than the modern gentleman who uses plastic.


The plastic we're talking about is the Leap card and the extra cost we mentioned is because the National Transport Authority has approved increases in fares for people who use Bus Eireann, Irish Rail and Dublin Bus with a steeper increase for people who use cash.

The move is to urge more people to switch over to using a Leap card. There are currently eight adult cash fare types and eight Leap fares but this will be reduced to four different adult Leap fares and five adult cash fares when the new rules are introduced.

The cost of a full-length trip on Dublin Bus will go up from €3.05 to €3.30 if you're paying for cash but if you have a Leap card, it will cost you €2.60.

The €1.80 cash fair is now €1.95, the €2.35 cash fair is now €2.55 and the €2.60 cash fair is now €2.80. The increases will come into effect on January 1, 2015. *JOE goes off to find its piggy-bank*


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