The HSE has warned Irish people about the dangers of Lyme disease this summer 4 years ago

The HSE has warned Irish people about the dangers of Lyme disease this summer

"Ticks are more numerous and more active in the summer months and protecting against tick bites protects against Lyme disease."

The HSE has warned Irish people against the dangers of Lyme disease coming into the summer months.


According to the HSE's website, the disease is relatively uncommon, but can be spread if you're bitten by an infected tick.

Dr. Paul McKeown, HPSC Specialist in Public Health Medicine, has said that the best cure is prevention.

He has posted these important points in how to avoid a bite.

Tick bites can be prevented by:

  • Wearing long trousers, long sleeved shirt and shoes
  • Using an insect repellent, such as DEET (but use a low-strength DEET if you are pregnant – your local pharmacist can advise you)
  • Checking skin, hair and warm skin folds (especially the neck and scalp of children) for ticks, after a day out
  • Removing any ticks and consulting with a GP if symptoms develop
  • If you have been walking your dog, check him/her too

If bitten, the best action is remove the tick as soon as possible with a tweezers, as explained hereGenerally speaking, if ticks are removed within a few hours, infection is usually prevented.

The warning comes during Denise Ryan's - a 31-year-old Irish girl who is suffering from Lyme disease - public plea for donations, as she is seeking the raise the necessary funds over the next eight weeks in order to receive the required treatment in America.

If Denise fails to get the relevant care in Seattle, she will die.

In case you haven't seen it yet, this is Denise's story.


Clip via Denise Ryan

Donations to the fund for Denise Ryan can be made here.