The most common Irish surnames have been revealed 5 years ago

The most common Irish surnames have been revealed

Did your surname make the list?

Following on from the Most Popular Names In Ireland Last Year, we now have a look at the Top 10 most popular surnames of babies' registered in 2014, as reported by the Central Statistics Office.

What are they going to be for 2015 we wonder?

According to the CSO, this is the first time that an analysis of the most popular surnames have been included in the yearly publication.


Here’s a look at the list in full with the number of times the surname was registered in 2014 beside each name...

  1. Murphy – 767
  2. Kelly – 633
  3. Byrne – 552
  4. Ryan – 527
  5. O’Brien – 489
  6. Walsh – 475
  7. O’Sullivan – 472
  8. O’Connor – 441
  9. Doyle – 323
  10. McCarthy – 321

You'd be forgiven for thinking that's just a list of Irish bars in Santa Ponsa, but it's not. Honest...

The CSO reports: “There were 67,462 live births registered in 2014. Of these, there were 22,090 unique surnames. These unique surnames include some double barrelled surnames e.g. O’Brien-Murphy.

“The top 10 most popular surnames account for over 7.4% (or 5,000) of the 67,462 births registered in 2014. The surname ‘Murphy’ accounted for over 1.1% while ‘Kelly’ accounts for just over 0.9% or 633 births.”