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05th Jun 2017

The Sun criticised by Arsenal fans for their front page headline following London terror attack

Completely irrelevant


Arsenal fans have called for the club to ban The Sun newspaper after Monday morning’s front page headline chose to highlight the fact that one of the men responsible for Saturday night’s terror attack in London was wearing one of the football club’s shirts.

The three men are known to have driven a van into a crowd of people on London Bridge before getting out and attacking more people with knives at nearby Borough Market. Seven people were killed as a result, with 48 more left injured.

Within eight minutes of the police being alerted to the attack, all three men had been killed.

Several of Monday morning’s newspapers chose to publish an image of the three attackers after police had shot them dead. The Sun were one of the outlets to use the picture, but decided to use the headline to draw attention to the fact that the man lying nearest to the camera was wearing an Arsenal shirt.

Clearly, the choice of clothing of a man that has deliberately set out to kill and injure innocent people is completely irrelevant, and the choice of headline has drawn strong criticism from those that have seen it. As the tweets below show, many have called on Arsenal to ban the newspaper as a result.

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