The Sun's Brexit front page has sparked angry reactions 6 years ago

The Sun's Brexit front page has sparked angry reactions

It's bloody hard to make a proper decision on whether to stay in the EU or whether to leave.

There's so much bullshit flying about from both the Brexit and Remain camps that how's anyone supposed to make an informed decision?


There's some pretty grim characters being rolled out on both sides, saying anything from the 'EU causes cancer' to 'Vote Remain or we'll start killing kittens' to get people to vote a certain way. Anyone else get the feeling it's out of pure self interest rather than the future of the British people?

Whether you're 'Remain' or you're 'Leave' people on Twitter reckon this Sun front page will probably help make up your mind about the big EU Referendum vote for the future of the country.

The Sun has waded into the fight on the side of the Brexit calling for its readers to 'BeLEAVE in Britain' (geddit?) on June 23.


For some people this is a clear signal that the right and proper decision is to vote the opposite way to Rupert Murdoch's newspaper.

With people citing phone hacking, the Hillsborough smears and any other controversies they could think of as evidence of the paper's wayward moral compass on important issues...




But for the dozens of people who were sticking the boot in on the Sun, there were just as many who sided with the paper.

And other who remembered the Sun usually backs the winning horse...

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