There's finally some good news for hayfever sufferers 5 years ago

There's finally some good news for hayfever sufferers

There's a light on the horizon...

Plenty of Irish people have been sneezing their brains out and scratching their eyes out as pollen levels have remained high through the sunny weather.


However, it turns out that the longer the heatwave continues, the better things will get for hayfever sufferers.

According to the most recent pollen forecast from Met Éireann, the heat is causing the grasses to "become exhausted." This means that they're producing less pollen. Most people who suffer with hayfever are only affected by grass pollen.

While there is a high risk of pollen for the next two days, "as the grasses are becoming exhausted the levels will gradually decrease from now on. With the grasses now past their peak the risk will begin to drop to more moderate levels."

Given that we're running out of water and the heat is showing no signs of letting up, this will be a bit of a relief for those who are suffering under the conditions.


The Met Éireann pollen forecast can be read in full here.