Met Éireann predicts 20C temperatures in parts of Ireland next week 1 year ago

Met Éireann predicts 20C temperatures in parts of Ireland next week

Bring the good weather on.


After enduring some relatively inconsistent weather in recent weeks, it appears that a mini-heatwave of sorts is on the horizon in Ireland with temperatures in parts of the country expected to hit 20 degrees.

Met Éireann says next week will be dry and warm with temperatures in the general range of 13 to 20 degrees.

It might be an idea to clear your schedule on Wednesday and Thursday because those days are expected to be very good. The highest temperatures look set to occur on the western side of the country too.

However, there's some bad news to contend with because we'll have to face some bad weather before the sunshine arrives.

Thursday morning will see outbreaks of rain in parts of Ulster and Leinster but the rest of the country will get off to a dry start. However, these showers will become more widespread by the afternoon with only Munster and south-Connacht continuing to be dry.

There's set to be a few rainy showers on Friday afternoon but the conditions will improve as the day develops.

Looking into the weekend, Saturday and Sunday are set to be dry with plenty of sunshine on both days.

Temperatures on Saturday will range from 11 to 14 degrees while Sunday will see the mercury fluctuate between 13 and 17 degrees.

Long may it continue.