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County Cork has been hit badly by this year's Aussie Flu.

Strict visiting restrictions have been put in place across three Cork hospitals today; Cork University Hospital, Mercy University Hospital and Bantry General Hospital have been severely hit by the flu outbreak causing them to firmly limit visitor restrictions.

Infection control measures have been put in place in all three hospitals in a bid to contain the spread of the virus.

Cork University Hospital announced that it is banning all visitors with immediate effect in order to restrict the spread of the virus within the hospital. The only exceptions to the ban are the Intensive Treatment Unit and the Paediatric Ward.

"In relation to patients in the Intensive Treatment Unit and the Paediatric Ward and at the discretion of the Ward Manager only, it is necessary to restrict visitors to one person per patient," the hospital stated.

People with flu like symptoms are being advised to contact their GP and avoid presenting themselves at overstretched Emergency Departments.

JOE spoke to HSE Assistant National Director for Public Health and Child Health Dr Kevin Kelleher about how one can differentiate between the normal flu and the Aussie Flu virus.

His recommendations to those who are suffering with either virus are:

''Stay at home, drink lots of fluids, and take paracetamol for the pain. Those infected shouldn’t go out and mix with others to avoid spreading.''


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