Severe thunderstorms on the horizon as forecaster predicts heatwave to last another two weeks 3 years ago

Severe thunderstorms on the horizon as forecaster predicts heatwave to last another two weeks

We should expect a lot of humidity, but little-to-no rain.

"We just need a little bit of rain and then we'll be grand" is probably the most used phrase in Ireland this weekend.


Between the huge water restrictions, as well as high UV and pollen index, the heatwave is continuing to become a literal representation of 'Be careful what you wish for...'

So now all eyes are on when it might be coming to an end and we can get back to complaining about the bad weather, instead.

Well, we're in for a wait, although there are a few different prospects for the country's weather in the foreseeable future.

First up, state that "It will continue warm or very warm and mainly dry with just the odd shower for the rest of this week. There will be good sunshine but some cloudier periods as well and winds remain mostly light."

They don't predict too far into the future because they want to keep things as correct as possible, so they've only really given us a glimpse as far as Thurday or Friday next week.

However, Gerald Fleming, the former Head of Forecasting at Met Éireann and a member of the World Meteorological Organisation, told the Evening Echo that the high pressure dominating Irish weather looks set to continue:

"More of the same [can be expected]. The temperatures may not reach those stratospheric heights that they reached a week or so ago, in the high 20s low 30s, but they will certainly be mid-to-high 20s which is pretty warm for us in Ireland.


"We don't often see it and it's really just stretching out into the distance. There'll be the odd break here and there, particularly in the west and north-west, which are a bit more cloudy and dull today, but that's really just a temporary break in what's otherwise a very, very fine spell."

Again, not too bad, but on the other end of the scale, is the Midland Weather Channel - who have proven to be eerily accurate with their predictions - who had this to say:

"The latest charts continue to indicate that the heatwave conditions currently being experienced across the country are set to continue for the coming week, and possibly for two weeks.

"Temperatures each day will range typically between 26-30 degrees Celsius, possibly higher in some locations.

"An increase in humidity however will lead to an increased risk of severe thunderstorms developing during the midweek period in particular. I will keep you updated on this as the situation develops.


"Drought conditions will intensify with livestock, crops, and growth rates all at risk due to the lack of available moisture. If you have any knowledge of wildfires please share there location and intensity if possible to notify others."

That doesn't sound so great, does it? Either way, the sun isn't going anywhere.