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28th Aug 2018

WATCH: Times Square shut down after a hot dog stand was infested by a huge swarm of bees

Rory Cashin

There was a lot of buzz around New York City…

A large section of one of the busiest intersections in the world has been shut down on Tuesday afternoon following a huge infestation of bees.

A hot dog vendor stand was found to suddenly be under the weight of a huge swarm of bees, with no indication as to where the bees arrived from, why they decided to descend upon this hot dog cart, and whether or not many (or any) people had been stung.

NBC News report that the exact location of the hot dog stand is above an intersection near the Hard Rock Cafe, at Broadway and West 43rd Street.

Additionally, USA Today reported that eventually a beekeeper did arrive on the scene to relocate the swarm.

Check out the images and videos below: