Tinder for TD's exists and it's incredibly entertaining 5 years ago

Tinder for TD's exists and it's incredibly entertaining

Who would you swipe right for?

In American politics, one of the adages that's used to measure the popularity of candidates with voters is the tried and tested question - 'can you go for a beer with them?' - but I'd like to update this line of thinking to fit in with the current Irish political domain.


Of all the TD's on the ballot, which candidate would you like to date and potentially shift the face off of?

Ok, you've probably never dwelled on that question for too long but a new website named TDer has imagined what the Tinder bios would look like for Enda Kenny, Gerry Adams, Leo Varadkar, Mary Lou McDonald and many more. The Friday Agency are the talented developers behind this creation but and the flirty bios were done by a man named Ben Haugh. Fair play to all involved.

Take a look at here because some of these bios are absolute gold. Here's a few of them along with how the poll currently stands.



Tinder1 Tinder2 Tinder4



Right now, Leo Varadkar must be feeling pretty good about himself.