Tom Niland has regained consciousness following burglary attack 7 months ago

Tom Niland has regained consciousness following burglary attack

"It’s a miracle he’s still alive."

The family of Tom Niland have revealed that he has regained consciousness.


The pensioner, who was attacked in his home in Skreen, Co Sligo in January, was left in a coma after a burglary, but doctors feared he'd never recover.

Thankfully, his family says he has finally regained consciousness.

A family member told The Mirror, "There has been a small bit of progress in that he’s conscious.

“He is responding to people, to the nurses, and so on.


"He opened only one of his eyes as the other is damaged and he will probably never see out of it again.

“It is a miracle recovery and it’s a miracle he’s still alive."

His family almost had to turn his life support off just a few weeks ago, but he is now slowly recovering.

“Now we’re at the stage where he’s quite conscious and aware of his surroundings," they said.


"The fact Tom has got this far is brilliant.”

The burglary made headlines earlier this year, as it was reported that three masked men broke into Tom's home and attacked him.

At around 7pm on 18 January, the men forced their way into a private house on the N59 in Skreen.

73-year-old Tom Niland, the sole resident of the house, was at home watching TV.


Tom answered a knock at his front door and was immediately and viciously assaulted and a small sum of money was stolen.

The culprits left Tom with serious head and upper body injuries.

Three men have since been charged were all charged in connection with the burglary and assault.

Tom is currently being treated in hospital in Galway.