Transport Minister announces over €90 million in funding to improve Dublin-Cork rail line 1 year ago

Transport Minister announces over €90 million in funding to improve Dublin-Cork rail line

It is said the improvements will cut journey times by 8-10 minutes.

Transport Minister Eamon Ryan has announced over €90 million in funding for improvements to the Dublin-Cork railway line.


In a statement, the Department of Transport said the Government has approved additional funding of €94.5million for the heavy rail network.

Out of this, €91.5 million will be spent on line improvements on the Dublin-Cork railway line which will cut journey times by 8-10 minutes, according to the Department.

It also said the money will go towards futureproofing the line to accommodate 200km/h speeds at a later stage.

"While this route is a key piece of national infrastructure and is the highest-earning revenue Intercity route for Iarnród Éireann, it has some of the oldest track infrastructure in the network and is nearing its end of life cycle," the statement reads.


"The project will bring the line speed up to 100mph and will involve over the three year period 2022-2024 track renewal (50.5 kms), ballast cleaning (44kms) and drainage (25.6kms).

"As track work is being renewed, the geometry and materials of the replacement track is being put in place to accommodate future speeds of up to 200kph (125mph) subject to fleet and signalling capabilities."

The Department says the funding will also go towards minor upgrades to the Limerick Junction/Waterford line, including the elimination of one to two level crossings per year.

Ryan said the improvements will help Ireland achieve its climate goals.


"Today’s funding will also provide an enhanced passenger service on the Dublin-Cork line, and encourage more people to switch from car to rail," he said.

Chief Executive of Irish Rail Jim Meade stated that the new funding will create 150 additional jobs during 2022.

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