Concerns over Christmas travel restrictions due to “significant numbers” of Omicron 1 year ago

Concerns over Christmas travel restrictions due to “significant numbers” of Omicron

More will be known next week.

Government officials have been warned that the threat of the new Omicron variant could bring an uncertainty when it comes to international travel over the Christmas period.


Chief Medical Officer Tony Holohan told a meeting on Wednesday that the incidence of Covid-19 transmission in the community remains high, and the future of the new variant is unknown.

According to the Irish Times, there is also a fear that the situation in Ireland could become as bad as the UK, with cases of Omicron doubling each day.

It is believed that the threat of the variant could prompt new restrictions on international travel to be brought in for the Christmas period.

While Dr Holohan did not indicate that NPHET would be proposing new restrictions, sources have said that it could be a possibility from next week as more data will have been gathered on the spread of the variant.


One senior figure in Government said that Omicron could now be in the country "in significant numbers", only weeks after the first case was confirmed here.

Dr Holohan has also expressed concern over the spread of the new Covid variant in the UK and within other European countries.

While there is concern looming, vaccine producer Pfizer has said that tests are now showing that its booster dose provides enhanced protection against Omicron.

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