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11th Aug 2017

A former English mayor has made some nasty and unfair comments about travellers


These comments are not on.

Julian Ware-Lane has a blog called A Word From Weir where she talks about different sorts of current affairs and news items that are happening.

On 9 August, she posted a piece titled ‘Shameful comments regarding travellers from two senior Southend councillors.’

In the blog, she stated that she had “called for more ‘compassion, tolerance, and understanding’ of the traveller community,” but instead was met with these two responses…

From Cllr Chris Walker (Conservative and former Mayor of Southend)

“They are treated like pariahs because they are pariahs.
They have been driven from Ireland whence they emanate because of their thieving and filthy ways.
They contribute nothing to society in the way of taxes etc and create filth wherever they go .
Why should we make allowance for them ?
It would be better for all if they were to learn the foolishness of their ways and go back to Ireland.
They are their own worst enemies.”

From Cllr Stephen Aylen (Independent)

“Next time we have these so called travellers arrive in Belfairs or Oakwood park (remember a large majority of the residents in the area around these parks are proper gypsys ) could you please provide me with flyer maps of locations in Milton (such as the cliffs ) that these travellers may use.
Then give it an hour and see if your response is the same as below.
I very much doubt it.
Or may I suggest you come to Belfairs ward or any ward in the west of Southend and tell the residents what you think.
There has not been a hanging in Belfairs since 1938.”

Weir said on her blog that she sincerely hopes that the two councillors retract their statements and issue an apology to the Traveller Community.

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