UCC students can now stay in booze-free digs 8 years ago

UCC students can now stay in booze-free digs

Students attending University College Cork can now apply to stay in alcohol-free apartments for the upcoming semester.

Will you be attending UCC this coming September? If so you can now apply to stay in new alcohol-free apartments as part of a pilot scheme at the college, but we’re sure some of you will be wondering why in the name of God anyone would want to do that...


Well, according to the Irish Times: “The provision of alcohol-free apartments provides for cultural and religious differences and caters for the personal preferences of students, who can also opt for same-sex apartments, Irish language speaking only apartments and housing for mature students only.”

So as well as the alcohol free digs, which will be undoubtedly quieter and cleaner than the booze filled dorms, there will also be accommodation for Gaelgóirs and mature students who don’t want to be woken up by rowdy house parties at 5am on a Tuesday morning – most college students will know what we mean.

But does this mean you won’t be able to come back to your room absolutely hammered? Well no. You can consume as much alcohol as you like off the premises, but there won’t be any boozing allowed once you’re inside the dorm. Fair enough.

Students interested in the alcohol-free apartments will have to write a proposal explaining why the want to stay there in the first place, but you can find out more by contacting the UCC Campus Accommodation via email: accommodation@ucc.ie or on (0)21 4941200.


Pic via Victoria Lodge Facebook