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30th Sep 2019

UK controversially propose customs posts on both sides of border in bid to replace backstop

Rudi Kinsella

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A major development from the world of Brexit.

The UK has proposed the creation of a string of customs posts along both sides of the Irish border as part of its effort to replace the backstop.

The new plans are found in proposals which have been sent from London to the EU, and have been obtained by RTÉ News.

In theory, the proposals would apparently result in customs posts being erected on both sides of the border, but instead located five to ten miles back from the actual land frontier.

Perhaps most notably is the proposal that the goods moving from a so-called “customs clearance site on the northern side of the border to a similar site on the southern side would be monitored in real time using GPS via mobile phone data, or tracking devices placed on trucks or vans.”

RTÉ have also reported that traders would have a choice of a customs declaration, which could be cleared on either side of the border, or a “transit” system.

This method would supposedly require a bond from a financial institution to guarantee that all relevant fees have been paid, and that the goods haven’t come from anywhere illegal.

The customs issue was presented as a non-paper described as “alternative arrangements”.

These plans come as a result of Boris Johnson insisting that Northern Ireland remain completely outside the EU’s customs union for industrial goods and agri-food products.

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