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Face, meet palm...

The man responsible for arranging Britain's exit from the European Union seems to be under the impression that Ireland is part of the UK, if his recent comments are anything to go by.

According to the New Statesman, Brexit Minister David Davis appeared on the Sky News' Murnaghan programme to discuss the possibility of Scotland remaining in the EU while the rest of Britain leaves.

In the programme he stated: "One of our really challenging issues . . . will be the internal border we have with southern Ireland."

We have a question for Mr Davis; what exactly does he mean by "internal border we have with southern Ireland?"

By saying "internal border", it implies that the Republic of Ireland is not, in fact, a European Union country in its own right and is part of the UK, rather than the independent state we know it to be.

In our mind, and in the minds of many others, an internal border is the border between England and Scotland or Wales.


Therefore we can only conclude that Mr Davis is under the impression that the Republic of Ireland is part of the UK and it does not bode well for Britain that their Brexit Minister seems to be confused about simple geography.

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