USA says it can't explain UFO sightings but can't rule out aliens 2 weeks ago

USA says it can't explain UFO sightings but can't rule out aliens

There's no evidence to say what they are, so they can't rule it out.

US intelligence officials have said there is no evidence that a series of unidentified aerial phenomena observed by the navy in recent years were alien spacecraft, but they also said that they can't explain what they are.


According to a New York Times report, citing senior Biden administration officials briefed ahead of the report's release to Congress later this month, they had not reached a definitive assessment as to what these mysterious objects might be.

It also said it found the vast majority of incidents documented over the past 20 years did not originate from the American military or from any other advanced US government technology. In other words, the report confirmed the sightings were not the product of some secret Pentagon technology.

Although they would say that now, wouldn't they...*

US officials said they cannot rule out the possibility that these flying objects were belonging to other countries such as Russia and China, who may have been experimenting with hypersonic technology.

The review took in over 120 incidents over a 20-year period where crafts displayed mysterious movements such as unusual acceleration, direction changes and the ability to rapidly submerge.

It will be the first time the US government will issue an unclassified report detailing the information it knows about the series of mysterious encounters with unidentified flying objects, or what are colloquially known as UFOs.

However, the US military no longer uses the term UFO and instead identifies them as "unidentified aerial phenomena".


The unclassified version of the report will likely be submitted to Congress on 25 June.

*It's a joke, chill.