Vicky Phelan reveals "significant shrinkage in tumours" since new treatment 4 years ago

Vicky Phelan reveals "significant shrinkage in tumours" since new treatment

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Vicky Phelan has said her tumours have shrunk significantly following a revolutionary drug treatment and said that she's "no longer in pain anymore."


She was instrumental in bringing the cervical check controversy to light following her legal action against a US laboratory over incorrect smear test results in 2011.

Speaking on RTÉ Radio’s Ray Darcy Show today, Vicky said her oncologist, David Fennelly, from St Vincent’s Hospital in Dublin told her that a CT scan had showed there has been a "significant shrinkage" in the size of her tumours.

She revealed that she had taken just three doses of a chemotherapy drug, Pembrolizumab, and was shocked at the results of the test.

Speaking on the show Vicky revealed the conversation she had with Dr Fennelly: "I said 'If this is bad news, I really don’t want to know.' He nearly cut across me, saying 'Absolutely not, Vicky'. He was bursting to tell me to be honest. He said 'This is just absolutely fantastic news'. He said 'You’re just absolutely not going to believe it'. He said 'There is significant shrinkage in your tumours'."


"My stomach has gone down, I'm not in pain anymore," Vicky told Ray that she felt that this drug had been working comparing her stomach to previously looking as if she was pregnant but with a 10cm tumour she told Ray that she had noticed that it had gone down.

She explains in the interview that the process to getting on this drug was not simple and "perseverance" and "stubbornness" was how she ended up getting the drug.

You can listen to the full interview here.