Video: Brazilian protester shows samba skills with a tear gas canister 10 years ago

Video: Brazilian protester shows samba skills with a tear gas canister

It's not often that we get to see someone volley a gas canister, and even less often that they show some brilliant technique to go along with it


Footage of the protests in Brazil recently has been surfacing, as many protesters complain about the cost of the World Cup and Olympic Games in Brazil, despite the many problems with poverty that the country has.

Obviously the protesters are not thrilled that the government is spending a huge amount on these sporting events, and they've chosen to show up at the Confederations Cup to make their point, with violent clashes occurring between them and the police.

The boys in blue have been using a load of different methods to calm the crowds, including tear gas canisters, but they must have been pretty shocked to see this one come boomeranging back as one lad volleyed it back at them with incredible technique.

For me Clive, it's one of those, he's done everything right there, put it back the way it came, the 'keeper doesn't stand a chance. If anything he's hit that too well. The crowd (who have been spliced in) absolutely loved it anyway.


It's reassuring to know that even though they're protesting about the World Cup coming to Brazil, these lads are still brilliant at football.

Hat-tip to the lads at Who Ate All the Pies for the video