Video: Donegal couple stun wedding guests with 'live video feed' 8 years ago

Video: Donegal couple stun wedding guests with 'live video feed'

Weddings can get somewhat monotonous after a while, so fair play to Gráinne and Jamie Corry for going against the grain and creating a wedding to remember for their guests.

Gráinne and James were announced to the crowd at the hotel wedding reception and everyone stood to clap them into the function room, there was just one problem for the guests… the newly married couple from Kilmacrennan, Co Donegal were nowhere to be seen.


Guests were informed that the couple had been delayed while taking wedding photos but the best man told them to turn towards the big screen where they had a live feed of what was happening to the couple.

Gráinne and Jamie had prepared an intricate video, with the help of photographer Paul Doherty, about the difficulties they had making it to the reception after they had finished taking the photos.

We all know about Murphy’s law, anything that can go wrong will go wrong, but JOE doubts even Murphy could have visualised the extraordinary train of events that would befall the Donegal couple.

JOE loves a good wedding video and we have brought you many creative ones over the last few months such as The Sunday Game panel's view on Jean and Larry Boyle's matrimonial vows and The RTE Soccer panel's analysis of Dave and Julie-Ann Jones' tying of the knot.


This film is remarkably different, it features a dodgy wedding car, a fallen tree, a broken chainsaw, a rally car and a trip to the local for a few scoops before their eventual dramatic arrival at the wedding venue… all’s well that ends well as the saying goes.

Have a look at their adventures below.

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