Video: Have you seen the surfing swans yet? 8 years ago

Video: Have you seen the surfing swans yet?

Footage of several black swans catching waves off Australia’s Gold Coast has gone viral and it’s not hard to see why, as the swans look to be having a whale of a time…


There’s nothing better than seeing animals doing things they normally wouldn’t do, like these surfing swans in Australia. They think they’re people

The video was originally uploaded to YouTube last Friday, but it’s only gone viral over the past few days as people search the net, and the Gold Coast surf, for the elusive surfing swans.

According to the, swans are actually a pretty rare sight for Kirra, the region of the Gold Coast where the footage was filmed, let alone surfing swans… While you won't see surfing swans in Ireland, you might see some queuing up for the dole.