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25th Jun 2015

Video: Loads of hot people try out the world’s tallest super slide in Texas



Definitely one for the bucket list.

This new Super Slide at the BSR Cable Park Texas is the stuff of dreams and the entourage is something from an MTV music video.

Flawless perfection everywhere you look, not a freckle out of place.

Screenshot (38)

From inflatables to BMX bikes everything flies off the end of the tallest water slide in the world.

This is definitely something to visit the next time we are in the States, the weather is fantastic, the pool is sick and the slide is the tallest in the world.

Everyone using the slide has to wear a U.S approved life jacket and a waiver has to be signed that says “Although many before you have participated unharmed, severe injury or death is possible.”

Good to know.

Check out this Wakeboarding video from the same park, the talent is immense.

Clips via Round III Media