"We'll leave it there so" -  9 of our happiest Bill O'Herlihy memories 6 years ago

"We'll leave it there so" - 9 of our happiest Bill O'Herlihy memories

On a terribly sad day, lets remember what Bill did best; make us laugh.

Following the very sad news that the iconic Irish broadcaster Bill O'Herlihy has sadly passed away, we decided to look back at some of his most famous moments.


It's unlikely that Ireland will ever see a broadcaster that was as talented and beloved as Bill, because one of his most endearing qualities was his ability to diffuse a situation with a wry smile, brilliant joke or self-deprecating remark.

Here are some of our favourite moments.

1. Ireland's most famous hat

Clip via Nutmeg365

2. His appearance on The Late Late Show alongside his Apres Match doppelgänger, Risteard Cooper


Clip via RTE

3. This appearance on the hidden camera show Naked Camera with PJ Gallagher

Clip via - bunnyireland

4. Gently provoking debate like no other broadcaster can


Clip via - Mare Footage

5. Surprising Irish people on their wedding day with this lovely message


Clip via - Simply Wedding Videos

6. Standing his ground with the panel and making great TV in the process

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7. Being an absolute pro, this closing link is superb

Clip via - RDinHD

8. After 40 years of broadcasting, his farewell

Clip via RTE Sport

9. Why he was just so special

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