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13th Feb 2015

Video: Two Ukrainian MPs get into punch-up after disagreement

You wouldn't see this in the Dail

Eric Lalor

You wouldn’t see this in the Dail.

Two MPs from the Ukrainian parliament in Kiev came to blows yesterday following a disagreement regarding an anti-corruption bill they were debating.

Yegor Sobolev of the Self-Reliance Party and Vadim Ivchenko of the Fatherland Party went toe-to-toe and both emerged with bloodied lips.

Uniformed army personnel watched on as the men rained punches at each other before eventually breaking it up.

As a wise woman once said, ‘AH HEYOR, LEAVE ERROUH!!’

Imagine two of our TDs going at it like that? We’re not sure if anyone would try to stop it, though.

Video via EuroNews

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