Video: Woman injured after car drives through 'Zombie Walk' parade 5 years ago

Video: Woman injured after car drives through 'Zombie Walk' parade

A woman was left with arm injuries in San Diego, California, on Saturday night after a car drove through a crowd of people participating in a ‘Zombie Walk’.

Police confirmed yesterday that a 64-year-old woman sustained injuries to her arm after a driver hit into her during a ‘Zombie Walk’ in San Diego.

According to E! News, “the driver, who was accompanied by his deaf family, was trying to leave the area when his children grew afraid of the large crowd.”

The driver, a 48-year-old deaf man, used his horn in the hopes that it would alert the pedestrians, but as you can see in the video several revellers jump onto the bonnet of the car instead.

This makes the driver panic, so he takes off, knocking one woman to the ground. Reports also say that the driver drove toward a police officer moments after the collision occurred and according to reports, no arrests were made at the scene, but police are still investigating the incident.

Here's another angle from the incident in question, but be warned, the footage might be disturbing for some to watch...