Vodafone Ireland warns of "sophisticated scam SMS" circulating in Ireland 7 months ago

Vodafone Ireland warns of "sophisticated scam SMS" circulating in Ireland

The messages from the scammers are regarding "tracking of a package".

Vodafone Ireland has warned of a "sophisticated scam SMS" circulating in Ireland.


The phone company is urging customers to be extra cautious and not reply to messages they receive in regards to tracking packages that they had not ordered.

"We are aware of a sophisticated scam SMS called Flubot, which is now circulating in Ireland," they said in a statement on Wednesday.

"We'd like to warn our customers to take the following actions if they receive an SMS from a company they do not recognise regarding the tracking of a package.

"IGNORE: Do not click on any links DELETE: Remove the SMS from your phone While the scam will primarily affect Android users, we encourage users of all handsets to be cautious when receiving such an SMS, particularly when you are not expecting a delivery or courier contact."

The mobile company are encouraging customers to seek further advice from the National Cyber Security Centre if they have clicked the link and downloaded the "fraudulent app".