Vodafone launches same-day repair for smartphones in Dublin, Cork, and Galway 1 year ago

Vodafone launches same-day repair for smartphones in Dublin, Cork, and Galway

The service is available to phone users from any network.

Vodafone have launched the Vodafone Repair Lab, which offers same-day repair services in Dublin, Cork, and Galway.


Available nationwide in partnership with FonFix, the website will let users know if their phone is still in warranty, and can arrange collection and delivery of their device to a chosen address across the country.

Customers can also drop their phones into a Vodafone Repair Lab shop and have it repaired in 3 hours.

Repairs will cost between €30-€299 depending on the model of the phone and the extent of repairs needed.

Following the repair, customers will have a 12 month guarantee.


The repair service comes as Vodafone looks to more environmentally sustainable practices. Keeping a phone for an extra year could lower its lifetime carbon emissions by 29%.

The phone service company is planning on halving its carbon emissions by 50% by 2025. In 2022, an Eco-SIM will be available, made entirely of recycled plastic.

100% of the company's Irish operation is powered through electricity from renewable sources.

“Vodafone is proud to offer the Vodafone Repair Lab, a first of its kind in Ireland, as we truly believe in the value of a premium repair service which customers can now access with the ease of an online platform," said Head of Devices at Vodafone Ireland, Jean-Christophe Langer.


"We hope this will be a solution for smartphone users who may not be able to access their local Vodafone Repair Lab in-store, or who simply do not have the time to drop off and collect their device.

"We recently announced that Vodafone Ireland is now 100% powered by electricity from renewable sources and we are committed to helping our customers reduce their own environmental footprint and continuing to build an inclusive and sustainable digital society here in Ireland and across all our markets.

"Giving customers the option to choose to repair or trade-in their device rather than purchasing a new model may seem like a small step but our collective actions can make a difference.”