Met Éireann signals that a much needed “warm front” is coming Ireland’s way 6 months ago

Met Éireann signals that a much needed “warm front” is coming Ireland’s way

And about time, too.

Even by Ireland’s standards, it’s been a rough couple of weeks on the weather front.

We’ve had Storm Ciara, Storm Dennis and Storm Jorge arrive within weeks of each other, as well as fairly severe flooding, snow, ice and a seemingly never-ending supply of rain for good measure.

It would, appear, however, that things are finally starting to look up… or at least they will be after another few days of it feeling far more like winter than spring.

For most of this week, the weather will continue in a similar vein to what we’ve been used to, without – for now at least – some of the more extreme conditions that prompted a barrage of weather warnings over the weekend.

Temperatures will drop to as low as -4 on Tuesday night with a sharp to severe frost, conditions that will be replicated until Friday, with wintry showers interspersed with plenty of dry spells and temperatures remaining in single figures during daylight hours.

On Friday, however, after some wintry showers spread throughout the country from the west, Met Éireann says that current indications suggest that “a southerly wind will bring a warm front” in time for the weekend.

This being Ireland, naturally that warm front comes with mandatory "outbreaks of rain", but it is also likely to bring about a rise in temperatures for Saturday and Sunday, very welcome news indeed given the conditions we’ve experienced in recent weeks.

That forecast is a long way from being guaranteed just yet, of course, but, for now, we’ll take it.