WATCH: Mick Wallace's campaign video is unnervingly intense 4 years ago

WATCH: Mick Wallace's campaign video is unnervingly intense

"Be bold. Keep fighting."

Michael "Mick" Wallace has only a passing-by, nod-hello relationship with the term "low key".


This is the guy who, last year, told the Dáil they're "making a bollox" of the Judicial Appointments Bill, so when it comes to him putting together a campaign video, we never expected it to be subtle.

But we never expected it to be... this, either.

The video pays reference to everything from Garda reform, to NAMA, the housing crisis, the Children's Hospital, and issues of the environment and mental health.

And when we say "pays reference to", what we mostly mean is that we can hear pulled audio of Wallace apparently shouting about those topics, with ominous music - which we're pretty sure comes from both Sicario and Dunkirk, a war on drugs movie and an England saves the day movie, respectively - whurring noisily over it all.


Under the Facebook post, is the following statement: "Can we make a difference in Europe? I like to think we made a difference in Ireland in the last eight years... and I don't do retirement."

Like we said. Not exactly subtle.

Enjoy the campaign video right here, and then maybe go have a lie down, because it is likely to cause anxiety in those prone to it.